The most important moment of your life, and it happens every day...

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

- William Jennings Bryan

Think about this for a second. Every day there is a single, finite, incredible moment when you come into consciousness. A SINGLE moment. The time leading up to that moment you are asleep and unconscious, unaware of anything in the real world. And then, in that moment that you suddenly come into consciousness, you begin to make choices. You start to have thoughts. You may open your eyes right away, but you may not. Try to catch yourself in your first blurry moment of the real world. That exact instance when you go from unaware to aware. What time is it? I'm cold. Am I late? It sounds like the kids are up. Where am I? Who am I with?, etc.  None of those thoughts were with you when you were asleep. Now think about the other amazing part of that moment. It's in that exact instant that we get to choose our attitude. How are we going to enter this day? It is literally a choice you make. You are most likely not thinking about it, but you are choosing. And for the doubters out there, remember not choosing is a choice. Just waking up and choosing to take whatever attitude comes to you is still a choice. Why not chose to be awesome? Chose to be a good person. Chose to be positive. Chose to have a giving spirit. Chose to be the difference. Chose to be optimistic.

Choice Image.jpg

Life will crush you if you let it. Pay attention and really work to defend how you want to BE in this life. You own it. Only you. Avoid just going with how you naturally feel. This is especially true of you are conditioned to be mediocre or if you haven't spent anytime thinking about how you want to be. Don't just take what you wake up into. It would be like going to the car lot to buy and new car and letting the salesperson pick your make, model, color, and options... You would never tolerate giving someone else that control, and that is for a car, this is for your life! Defend how you want to BE as if your survival depended on it. Here's an interesting exercise; let's say you were walking down the street and a guy comes running up behind you and snatches your purse off your shoulder. He takes off running down the street with your wallet, phone, car keys, etc. I'm guessing you would take notice and at a minimum you would be extremely upset. You would probably run after him for awhile and you might even scream, yell, fight, claw, and punch to get your purse back. But... what happens if someone comes running through your life and tries to take your optimistic positive attitude away from you? Do we do anything? Whats more important, your purse or your life? 

Bottom line is this; choose to be the difference in this life, and don't let other people steal your attitude. Period.