Look deeper.

Don't let your workout (CrossFit, weight room, or sport) be just your workout. Look deeper. Find the real lesson that is buried in showing up for your workout. Cultivate the thing inside you that carries you through the brutal summer heat, the frigid cold of winter, or the temptation to 'just take the day off'. If you think hard, and really look for the gift, you'll see that all of highs and lows of training can be viewed as a simple correlation to your life. A snap shot of how you can grow and build the habits that you want. "Success is a habit. Unfortunately so is failure."

I turned to boxing when I was 15 years old. I wasn't a great athlete in any sport and boxing taught me to be tough. Not the tough that I originally thought, like being able to win and beat another fighter in the ring. The tough I learned was how to get beaten, how to get bloody and bruised but still answer the bell and fight one more round. What I am grateful for are the life lessons I learned through boxing. It starts with your failures and your set backs. Just like in your life, you will have both. If you aren't failing then you aren't reaching for high enough goals. Workouts will get tough and you will want to quit. As it is in life. No one gets a free ticket. No shortcut to happiness. No easy road. Life, lived or even un-lived, will kick you in the face. It will make you sweat, bleed, and leave you on your back some of the time.  All you have to do is NOT quit. Stand up. Breathe. Do one more rep, one more round. Sometimes you will feel like you are simply 'surviving' and other moments you will feel like you are a champion. Because, just like in boxing, CrossFit, or any other sport, the challenge isn't always winning, it is having the courage to stand up and move forward... Just like in life. The one is a reflection of the other. And because habits are built by the choices we make in all aspects of our lives, I would ask you to think deeper about how you face all the challenges in your life. I have found myself, as well as watched others, succumb to adversity in the gym and then forfeit in their jobs, marriages, and other areas of their life. Start the habit of pushing through adversity and it will manifest in all aspects of your life. 'Answer the bell' for one more round while boxing, or push to complete one more round in your daily CrossFit WOD, and watch how that attitude also carries you through the toughest events in your life.