Is this really the direction we are headed?

10% off if you use the code "LUKE10". Here's a video of my new PR - a 300lb clean and jerk... wearing my "XYZ brand shorts", after I drank my "XYZ pre-WOD", using my "XYZ knee sleeves" and my "XYZ belt". I also want to thank "XYZ" for my online programming, and of course I'd like to thank "XYZ" (spouse) for the relentless support and encouragement. REALLY?!?!? 

I can't seem to get over the increased number of on-line solicitations for everything from diet plans, to equipment, to supplements, and even to training regimens. Are we really that much 'for sale'? Maybe I'm just not up to speed with modern marketing but it seems social media has gone from a simple and friendly way to stay connected with family and friends, to a colossal medium to promote, promote, promote... It's shameless. And I understand that there are a lot of people making really good money (>$100k year) from pushing products and services, but for a guy who simply wants to see how awesome your C&J was, can we skip the promotion?

Imagine. What if social media could only be used to highlight 'others'? Nothing was allowed to be sold or promoted (except awareness of charities, because its not really in the interest of the person posting). What would get posted in social media if people couldn't post anything for a company, a sponsor, or about themselves? All posts had to be on behalf of someone else, motivational, or sharing of something unique and beautiful...? Maybe it would be a boring place for many people, but I think it would add some depth and meaning to what we are all putting out there. And as a side note, we should be very cautious and fully aware of the reasons why people are promoting a particular brand. They are getting PAID (usually). This confounds the ability for them to tell the truth about the product or service they are promoting. I know this is understood but its worth reminding people. I have many friends that are popular on social media (1000's of friends and 100s of 1000s of followers) who don't know jack shit about a product or service they are supporting. And I have many other friends who are dying to get "sponsored" so they can get free shit, financial compensation, and receive kick backs from purchases bought using their discount "code". They would promote whale sperm as the secret to their 300lb clean and jerk if they made some money for posting about it.

Realizing this is a little bit more of a 'rant' then it is a post, I'll wrap it up.

I can appreciate the temptation to use social media for marketing, but maybe we should curb our desire to tag everything and every company when we make our posts. Just show me your feats of strength and your incredible view from a place many people haven't been. Or even just send over some pics of the family, your child's first steps, or an announcement about a worthwhile charity event. Skip the marketing piece.and send me a note if you really can't afford to buy your supplements, I'll buy them for you... and you don't even need to thank me on social media.